They say it’s darkest before the dawn.
Guess what, Cancer… 
We’re bringing the dawn. 

About Us

To learn about us, it is important that you clearly understand Cancer’s Worst Enemy’s mission.  We exist to eradicate cancer and see that everyone can be Cancer’s Worst Enemy. To that end, we invite you to explore this website, empower yourself with knowledge, join our team and come back often to see the latest and greatest content about defeating cancer.

We are a team comprised of medical providers, patients, families and friends, anyone and everyone who has had or has ever been touched by cancer in some way, whether professionally, personally or through a loved one.  Which, by the way, is all of us. We are all in this together and not going to stop until cancer does.

We’ve Had Enough, Cancer.

Our mission is to eliminate cancer in our world.

We Fight Cancer with Information.

We will share up-to-the-minute expertise of Western medicine from our brilliant partner physicians, like gynecologic cancer specialist, Dr. Karen Finkelstein. As we expand this website, know that our aim is to educate  about all that allopathic medicine, current clinical research and even upcoming research trials have to offer.

We Fight Cancer with Early Detection.

The best way to fight cancer is prevention. The second best is catching it early before it can get a foothold in the body. Awareness, risk assessments and proper screenings are the best tools we have to discover, and then deal with, an incipient cancer in the body.

We are Raising Awareness and Bringing More to This Fight.

When it’s our loved ones who are affected, it can seem like the establishment moves too slowly. We are fed up with the current “cancer experience.” We are not just going to accept the expectations levied by statisticians and epidemiologists and actuaries. Our gynecologic cancer FAQs and the early detection pages for each type of gynecologic cancer is our first step in raising awareness.  The cancer risk assessment test is something that our team is extremely proud of, since it is something that everyone can do today that may catch cancer in its early stages.

We Share Perspective-Shifting Research.

We are excited by the possibility of complementary traditions, therapies, treatments and all available, viable modalities existing outside our current paradigm. Even if they may seem implausible and unlikely to Western medicine, we are exploring their efficacy and capacity to impact, and even eradicate, cancer. We want to shed light on any and all factors that may prevent, allay or reverse cancer. They could be physical, environmental, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic.

We know that when cancer manifests in the human organism, it’s generally the result of multiple coinciding factors and we are devoted to uncovering them all.

We Educate and Empower Humanity.

We are sharing our knowledge and lessons learned because informed people make the best decisions about their personal path forward.

We are giving patients and their loved ones access to and education about the highest standard of care for their unique scenario as determined by medical experts as well as all information about all of the adjunctive possibilities that might assist or increase the efficacy of their chosen treatments.

We Fight Cancer with Inspiration.

You and your loved ones are not alone on this path. We are here with you for every step of the journey.  A community of support and strength to draw from. A community that embraces your unique spirit and voice.